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Rank the Batmen: Robin



Join Don, Dustin, Stella, Tom, Joe, Jon and Ed as they rank all of the Robins from throughout history.



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10 thoughts on “Rank the Batmen: Robin

  1. Alex

    Yeah Jon, how does that work? I'm kidding. Great episode guys! This is an awesome start to a series of specials. I've been having this debate in my head for a long time and I still am debating how to rank them. I'm going to make a list later. As much as I really like Dick, I went back through a lot of stories and I definitely  agree he became a much better character on his own away from Batman and becoming Nightwing. That's not to say I didn't like him as Robin, I love the four Robins and what they contributed. Nothing was pointless to me and it just added to the universe and characterization of what the Robins became and Batman's characterization. I think Jason added a lot more interesting of a dynamic as Robin, than Dick did. However, I would have voted to kill him off as well, because I felt fulfilled his purpose and it would help with Batman's characterization. I want to jump to Damian being my number one, because he is currently my second favorite comic book character, under Batman. However, I think I'm just saying that because of how poorly Tim has been written recently. He also hasn't been around for too long. Tim Drake was the perfect Robin to me, but I might like Damian more. I'm still debating. Maybe Jason could land on top. Luckily this is just ranking the characters as Robins, otherwise this would be much harder.

  2. Jon

    Ha ha thanks Alex. I what I was really looking to say is that Dick does all his growth as Robin a bit but it is mainly as Nightwing that we see him develop. Him being Robin in a way is superfolous.

  3. Alex

    I think I knoe what you were getting it. It's kind of like Jean Paul Valley being Batman during Knightquest. It would have been really awkward if he changed so quickly into the much more brutal Batman and it wouldn't been enough time for Batman's recovery and to show the effects of Bruce being away from his city. However, it's kind of a dull experience and it's much more enjoyable to skip straight to Knightsend. You either just give the writers the benefit of the doubt that they did a good job of developing Jean Paul to the state he is in the story or you just read a quick list of events that took place during Knightquest. It's basically, really liking it in retrospect, but not so much the experience. Not to say there weren't any really good stories.
    You're probably thinking, what the heck are you talking about? That's not what I was getting at, at all. Either way, I really want to read Dennis o'Neil's run on Azrael right now!

  4. Alex

    After going through a good amount of Robin comics, I finally decided how I rank them. It's also made me realize how much more of a mess the New 52 is. Previously if I was to explain comics to people who were unfamiliar with comics, a lot of things would sound pretty silly, but they made sense and worked well while reading them. That's the case with any T.V. series or movie universe with a continuous story. It's really difficult explaining events in the New 52 when I'm reading it and finding it really ridiculous. It's hard enough explaining to people that there's different writers writing a continuous story, and then not only changing the continuity where they see fit, but giving new interpretations of characters. It's very strange when a Grant Morrison book is the most coherent on the shelf. And that only worked because it seemed like it was it's own thing. Now that's not the case anymore! Because of this I'm ranking the Robins post Crisis to Flashpoint and Batman Inc because I think it's part of that continuity. If not, it doesn't change my ranking.
    1. Tim Drake
    2. Jason Todd
    3. Dick Grayson
    4. Damian Wayne
    5. Carrie Kelly
    6. Stephanie Brown

  5. Donovan

    It's too bad Josh wasn't able to make it, as he told me his favorite at no.1 would have been Dick. So that would have diversified the total rankings a bit.

  6. David Riley

    Here are my Robin rankings:

    1. Dick Grayson

    2. Tm Drake

    3. Jason Todd

    4. Carrie Kelly

    5. Stephanie Brown

    6.Damian Wayne(if I could rank him any lower, I would)

    I don't know if this counts as being a Robin, but Bruce Wayne called himself Robin when he was learning his detective skills. It was a golden age story I think.

  7. Arie Maxi

    here from me:
    1. Dick Grayson (of course, the original still the best!)

    2. Tim Drake (smartest robin ever)

    3. Jason Todd

    4. Damian Wayne

    5. Stephanie Brown

    6. Carrie Kelley

  8. Avery

    I love the robins that challenge Bruce in unique ways. I love the tortured soul and their quest for acceptance and sometimes redemption. Some of the robins seem too straight-laced and "Superman-y" for me. I love them but they don't rank as high.

    1. Damian Wayne
    2. Jason Todd
    3. Carrie Kelly
    4. Dick Grayson
    5. Stephanie Brown
    6. Tim Drake

    It's crazy when I actually write it out. I love them all but I guess somebody had to end up at the bottom.

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