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Review: Batman and Robin #10

Batman and Robin #10 scratches the itch that comic fans like me do not like to talk about. A set up issue, that is genuinely interesting, and is enjoyable in its own right. The title of Andy Clarke’s run on Batman and Robin is known as Batman vs. Robin, and we get a nice set up of that here, along with set up for the return of Bruce Wayne.


The issue is based all around Damien finally being comfortable being a member of the Bat-Family, and actually admitting to his own mother, that maybe he likes being a good guy. Unfortunately for Damien, the wheels are now in motion for the return of Bruce Wayne, and of course, his tenure as the boy wonder is in the air. The issue is filled with interesting twists and turns that set you up not only for the next issue of Batman and Robin, but also the twice monthly six issue mini-series, Batmam: The Return of Bruce Wayne.


This issue is the definition of a set up issue, however, like I have said, this is a set up issue done right. We get reasoning behind what is going right now, along with the story tying up a loose end from the end of Batman R.I.P. Morrison is finally pulling in the net for the return of Bruce Wayne, and although I am happy with Dick and Damien as Batman and Robin right now, he has got me very interested in how this story turns out.


The art here is great; Andy Clarke seems to be following the lead of Cameron Stewart and Phillip Tan before him. It seems like Andy Clarke trying to bring an amalgamation of his own style into the set tone the Frank Quitely brought to the first three issues of the series.


Although this is a short review for Batman and Robin #10, seeing as I do not want to spoil the plot, as it is so marvelously convoluted that the only way to work it all out, are to be in Morrison’s mind, or read the issue for yourself. And rather than get lost in the insanity that is the mind of Grant Morrison, I recommend just picking this issue up.


Batman and Robin #10:



Reviewed by Suavestar

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