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Review: Batman: Arkham City #1

Batman: Arkham City #1

For those of you who are very very excited about the return of Batman in the game Arkham City. DC have very kindly released this fill in comic that leads up to the events of Arkham City and help to bridge the gap between the two computer games.


I think we really need to start with a statement. This is a prologue and feels very much like one reading it. I don’t think and expect us to get masses of action or any real conclusion to the series as this will be left to the game to wrap everything up. So I wasn’t expecting much at all.


Boy was I wrong this starts strong explaining what has happened to both the joker and Harley afterwards. It automatically hints that there is something wrong with the Joker and expands on the teaser trailer featuring the ill Joker.


We also get to take a look at Two-Face who has been having some gang problems. Which again perhaps hints at more to come with his character, and suggests the possibility that maybe he is going to help Batman against Dr. Strange along with Catwoman.


The story also furthers the story of Arkham City and how part of it become the new Asylum. As Quincy Sharp appears to be manipulated by someone in the shadows. Of course the downside is that we already know who this mystery figure is and it ruins all of the suspense when I’m sat there think ‘yep I know who that is’. However I could get a complete curve ball and been wrong, but I doubt it from what we know of the storyline.


The art was strong and dynamic and showed Batman using his gadgets (a la Arkham Asylum) which was a nice touch. The colors were strong and bold. While the people were well defined and had a more realistic feel that I prefer in comic art.


I certainly cannot wait for the next issue even though part of me knows what is going to happen.


Batman: Arkham City #1:


4 out of 5 Batarangs

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