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Review: Batman Confidential #34

After four issues, I can honestly say that this arc is not very good. It started off slow, continued slow, and is still going along slowly. The previous issues have been rather bland and un-exciting, and this issue did nothing to change that.


We start off the issue with a nice cover by Francesco Mattina, which is the best part of the issue. Then Batman interrogates a guy, The Bear kidnaps Colonel-General Lukzov’s family, Batman finds the tsar and learns that the bomb he has is really a fake (which was actually mildly interesting). Then Lukzov sets a trap for Batman under Tsar’s orders, but then decides not to spring the trap. The issue ends with Lukzov expressing concern for his kidnapped family.


So as you can see, not a lot of consequence happens in this issue, and when I was done reading I couldn’t have cared less. I wasn’t left feeling excited for the next issue, wondering what happens next. In fact, simply put, this issue was boring.


The art has the same problem, it’s not unique or interesting, and feels bland. It’s not something that makes you look at the page and say, wow that looks cool!


I don’t recommend that you go pick this up, unless you are a big collector of Batman Confidential, and want every issue. DC and this title, have much better to offer.


I know this is a very short review, but there just isn’t a lot to say about this issue. At the end of the day, the whole story is completely forgettable. I will be very glad when this arc is over and a new one begins.


Also of note, until at least December, Batman Confidential will double ship. So issue 35 will come out on October 21. I don’t know why this is, but we will be getting a double dose of bad Russian Batman story this month. Hopefully this will appreciated when a better arc comes along.


Batman Confidential #34:



Reviewed by TheCapedCrusader

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