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Review: Batman Confidential #37

After reading the first issue of this story arc, I was very impressed, and hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed by part 2. Fortunately, I wasn’t. This issue delivers everything the first did.



The plot is pretty simple, but great nonetheless. Basically, Batman and Zinda Blake (who we met at the end of the last issue, and is a Blackhawk who was shot into the future) try to infiltrate Blackhawk Island. Batman is Successful, but Blake is captured by the villainous Theodore Gaynor. Gaynor escapes leaving Batman to die, but our caped crusader finds his way off the island, and manages to discover the identity of the mysterious man from last issue. And it is pretty unexpected, leaving me excited to learn more about just what’s going on. The story is fast paced, and never drags. The dialog is extremely well written as well. I really think Royal McGraw has the potential to be a great writer. He definitely knows what he’s doing here.



Just as good as the story though, is the art. I really like Marcos Marz’s art, and his cover for the issue is fantastic. His work feels clean, smooth, polished, and it flows wonderfully. His style also fits the story perfectly.



There’s not a lot to say about this issue, because I really can’t find anything I didn’t like about it, and I don’t want to spoil it too much. I highly recommend you pick this up; it has everything you could want in a good comic book story.



Batman Confidential #37:



Reviewed by The Caped Crusader

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