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Review: Batman Confidential #39

This issue is the final part of the Blackhawk Down story arc, and unfortunately, it was kind of disappointing. The first two issues were great, the third was good, but this one was kind of a letdown. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as the previous issues.


As far as plot goes, Batman and Blackhawk go to the Sky Skull, where Gaynor is held up, and take him down. That’s really all that happens, and there are a lot of problems I have with this issue. First and foremost, how did Gaynor come back to life? That is never addressed! We are just supposed to accept that he is magically alive. And not mention, how did he magically get back on the Sky Skull so quickly, after being knocked out of the sky into Gotham Harbor? Also, Zinda Blake’s brain washing was pointless; it lasted for only 5 pages! I also found Blackhawk’s whole crisis of conscious a little annoying. It seemed like it was thrown in to fill the last 4 pages. These are smaller things that add up, and make the issue less enjoyable. Royal McGraw is a good writer, and I was hoping for a more exciting conclusion.


The art is good though. Macros Marz delivers really nice art, which stays consistent throughout the storyline. I wouldn’t mind seeing him do more Batman work in the future.


As far as Batman comics go, the storyline is still pretty good though. They have definitely told worse stories in the series, and overall I can recommend this story. But I think this story would be more appreciated by fans of Blackhawk, not just Batman fans.


Next issue; a new arc begins, being written and drawn by Sam Keith. It looks pretty good and I’m looking forward to it.


Batman Confidential #39:



Reviewed by TheCapedCrusader

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