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Review: Batman Confidential #40

I must admit, when I found out Batman Confidential was double-shipping for the end of 2009, I was concerned that DC was trying to wrap up the Blackhawk Down story arc by the end of the year so the book could be canceled. The book had taken quite a dip in quality, and I was concerned about its future. So, imagine my relief when I found this issue in the January solicitations. I was hoping that the first issue of 2010 would be a good one. So was it? Well, I think so.


This Story arc, entitled “Ghosts”, is brought to us by the one man team of Sam Keith. The story is relatively simple; Batman is investigating murders in which the victims are homeless people, seemingly having been chewed to death. The only clue at the crime scenes is large amounts, and the distinct odor, of sulfur. While in the process of investigating, batman encounters what seems to be a ghost composed completely of the substance. The creature also seems to know quite a few details about the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents!


So, long story short, I really enjoyed this issue. It’s nice to see the book get a fresh start for 2010. The story was very interesting, and was intriguing enough to make me want to come back for more. I am particularly curious about the very mysterious sulfur creature. What is it? Where did it come from? Why does it know so much about Bruce’s parents? I am not sure where this story will go, and I’m looking forward to reading more.


Though I also like the issue, a lot, I have to say that it will not be for everyone. Sam Keith’s art is very stylistic, and different from “typical” comic book art. Personally, I love comics like this, which are unique. But some people may find it off putting. So I suggest you flip through it at the comic shop before you drop 3 dollars on it, to see if the art is something that will draw into the story, or take you out of it.


Other than that, I can’t find anything bad to say about the issue. It’s not for everyone, but I liked it.


Batman Confidential #40:



Reviewed by TheCapedCrusader

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