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Review: Batman Incorporated #3

Batman Incorporated #3So we blast into Morrison's third issue of Batman Incorporated with, a flash back of some superhuman soldiers fighting, then we cut to one of them hospitalized saying that he killed them all.


We then cut to a villain threatening to kill a movie star. He, however is thwarted by Batman and his new partner el Gaucho. The duo stop the henchmen, just as the main villain escapes in a hot air balloon. Both head off to catch it. As they arrive, the villain taunts them that his boss has tricked them, and how they'll never find out who it is. He them promptly falls out of the hot air balloon and we assume he dies. Batman and Gaucho, say that the name of the boss has died with the villain, but just then the parrot says: " Oroboro Boss Oroboro".


We cut to both heroes in their secret identities in Argentina, Bruce Wayne dancing with some girl in front of Gaucho, acting as if there is a rivalry between them. They both then descend into Gaucho's cave. Both talk about Batman's Incorporated plans and how the woman Bruce just danced with was trying to poison him with a snake ring. Gaucho, then explains that Oroboro, was a book with three assassins, which lines up with the recent kidnapping of three kids. Both heroes head off to solve the mystery. Ending them off in the warehouse, where an ominous voice taunts them. Gaucho, finds the mark of El Sombrero, who he thought was dead, and then they both look up at the screen. Where a man sits asking who lives and who dies. And that's the end of Batman Inc. # 3.


Now onto my thoughts, I found this book enjoyable, simply said, it's a through-backy fun book about Bruce Wayne and his Globetrotting adventures. The writing is good and so is the art. Though it wasn't as good as the first issue it was still a lot of fun.


Batman Incorporated #3:


4.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Wes

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