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Review: Batman: Odyssey #3

Batman: Odyssey #3 (of 12)

Picking up where issue 2 left off, Bruce is still regaling this story to an unseen person, this time about an argument he had with Alfred. It is unclear where in the time frame of this story that the argument is, as Bruce, being mended by Alfred, is complaining about not getting a “Harry Tree” who had killed another woman.


Then we go back to the pier scene where Bruce was shot up and is currently lying in a heap with a group of thugs talking out how to finish him off. Bruce regains conscious just before they shoot him in the exposed portion of his head, utters the password for an invisible shield to drop down. He and Robin make quick work of the thugs and are greeted by Commissioner Gordon with a captured Riddler. Narrating Bruce says that something was wrong with the situation. Talia al Ghul then saunters in as Bruce realizes whom the artifacts were being donated from. Talia sees Bruce’s “wounds” and goes all mother hen on him.


While this is going on, Bruce figures out there is something bigger at large, and the issue ends with him wondering just whom they are dealing with.


At this point it does seem clear that the pier story is to be the main story of this mini-series. How this ties in with Langstrom’s appearance at the beginning is not known yet, and I’d like to know if there is any connection so far with this and Homer’s classic Odyssey. Somehow I don’t think the series would have that name without some sort of connection.


It is getting a bit dense and at times the narration is getting confusing in terms of if it is Bruce the narrator from the first page, or current Bruce telling the story. And now we get a new nugget of a story thrown in with Alfred and “Harry Tree” whom as a quick Google search suggests is a brand new character.


I’m still invested in the story, but this issue is getting an average score from me.


Batman: Odyssey #3:


3 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by SteveJRogers

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