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Review: Batman: The Unseen #2

Batman: The Unseen issue #2 is a book that should be unseen by all those who enjoy Batman. Doug Moench’s second chapter of “Batman meets the Invisible Man” falls flat on its face. Issue #2 has relieved this story arc of all the promise that issue #1 had.


Where should I begin? I can safely say that Doug Moench is no H.G. Wells. I do not understand what the point of this miniseries is, and really the bigger question, why is Batman in it? The character of the Meat-Man is one of the most uninteresting villains I have ever read in the Batman Universe. He becomes invisible so he can attack a newspaper vendor, steal some fruit, beat up a taxi driver, and steal syringes. What? I understand that there is a bigger picture, but I really do not care do read about the Invisible Man beating up innocent citizens of Gotham. The other problem with the book is that it is becoming almost all about Nigel Glass, and how he can intimidate Black Mask’s henchman. Throughout this issue, the only time we see Batman is when he questions a thug, investigates briefly, and meets with Gordon. I also didn’t enjoy how every time the character Homolka appears in a panel, he has sweat dripping down his face and a frightened appearance. However, the story does maintain its’ science fiction, 1940’s atmosphere, which separates it from the other Bat-books. Moench also continues to wrestle with the concept that Batman is no longer feared by criminals, which is the only interesting plot point in the entire issue. Other than an unexpected appearance from Matches Malone, this story really had nothing to offer me.


Kelley Jones is the savior of this issue, which isn’t saying a lot. His art is consistent throughout the issue, which is the only stability the book provides. However, the art becomes a little more frustrating because the story is so un-entertaining.


At the end of the day, if I could do it all over again, I would have not picked up this issue. Doug Moench takes everything he did in the first issue and does the exact opposite. To be perfectly honest, the Batman/Doc Savage Special preview was more interesting to me, and that did not contain any dialogue. I’m going to have to say “Wait for the trade paperback”. Hopefully, issue #3 delivers at some level of interest.


Batman: The Unseen #2:



Reviewed by Zfactor

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