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Review: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1-Part 2 DVD

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1 Part 2 DVDToday is the day that we can add another DVD set to our already large collection of Batman media incarnations. But based on my opinion, will you? Or will you wait for the inevitable release of the entire series?


When the first part of the season was released last August, I gave my opinion of that release and it was not very good. The main issue I have with these releases is that separation of the season that occurs. I really do not like volumes of a season or parts. That being said it was understandable of why I gave the first DVD release of this show a two out of five rating. It also did not help that the first part of season one did not have many memorable episodes. Well, that all changed for the second part.


One of the reasons I have come to understand the division of the first season is the horrific scheduling of first-run episodes on Cartoon Network. The show took a massive break from new episodes, only to reappear with a few episodes before the season was officially over. It also did not make very much sense that the second season started only weeks after the first season ended. But that has little to do with this release. Or does it? Because the season was broken into a few new episodes spread out over a longer amount of time, that could explain why Warner Bros. felt the need to split the season up for DVD release. If not, then I give them to much credit.


The second part of season one had a number of memorable episodes. In fact, three episodes from the second part were the three nominated for Best Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode of 2009 in The Batman Universe 2009 Awards. In contrast, part one has none of the best and two of the worst episodes nominated. Needless to say that the second part was better overall.


A few shows air on television and have episodes that will be remembered. There are few episodes that Bat-fans remember when thinking of a series. There are a plenty of Batman shows that have aired over the years and Batman: The Brave and the Bold will most likely be remembered for at least two episodes that come in this collection.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold Music Meister


The first episode was "Mayhem of the Music Meister!". This episode, when announced, made most Bat-fans, including myself really start to think about what direction this show was taking. A musical about Batman? I almost through in the towel for the series after that announcement. But we had little faith in what Michael Jelenic and James Tucker could pull off. We were introduced to a new villain called the Music Meister who was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. The songs were composed and sung better than expected. There were great nods to DC Universe fans who had been giving their support to the series. Overall, it was great, even if Batman sung.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold Legends of the Dark Mite Screenshot


The other episode was another one that when first announced had some of us stepping back to think twice about the series. Bat-Mite has never been a character that comic fans like associating Batman with because of his magical element, but also past incarnations. Bat-Mite appeared in one of the animated takes on Batman before and served no purpose other than comic relief in a time where Batman needed no assistance in that department. The episode aired and not only turned out good, but it was great. It answered the question that so many fans wondered when thinking about the show, "Why is Batman doing these ridiculous things?" Well, the answer was that there are many different interpretations of Batman from throughout the seventy plus years of existence. Even though we long for the dark Batman, Batman needs to appeal to a younger audience as well. It projected the message clearly and a lot of people let up on the show doing it's crazy things.


The reason I describe these two episodes, is because when I think of the series as a whole, including everything else that has aired, I remember these two episodes and one other episode. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a lot of things, some bad, some good. But right when you are about to give up on the show, they surprise you with a nice nod to Bat-fans of all ages.


The set is available today, March 15 on DVD. You can buy it on Amazon here.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season One-Part 2:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Warner Bros. also provided a clip from the first episode collected in the set featuring Batman and Aquaman.



Reviewed by Dustin

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