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Review: Bruce Wayne: The Road Home-Red Robin

After last month and not really enjoying the Red Robin book, I really did try to come into this with an open mind. The same open mind that caused me to buy nearly all the RIP and Battle for the Cowl tie-ins that added nothing to the story. With that in mind you will excuse me for my next comment:


This comic was crap. Now usually at this point, I would go off on a tirade of why I thought the comic was just all round not for me. But instead, as this is a special month, I will tell you why I think you should not buy this comic:


1. It is tying into an event that hasn’t even finished yet.


2. Said event really isn’t that interesting and seems to be Grant Morrison jerking Batman fans chains.


3. You bring back Ramon “I’m lucky to have a job” Bachs to draw the book, a man who’s art looks grimy and makes it look like I’m reading a copy I downloaded online.


4. This book does not explain anything, but rather tells its own stupid story that follows on from “The Road Home: Batman and Robin” also written by Fabian Nicieza.


You know what, let’s discuss #4, nowhere in this book does it say “To find out more read….” instead the book expects you to go out and buy the three, yes three other Road Home books on sale this week. Well, I am sorry DC, but this week, my budget was stretched buying Knight and Squire, and Return of Bruce Wayne #5, so I’m not adding 3 other books that I am not reading with only one having a creative team that makes sense (Batgirl by Bryan Q Miller and Pere Perez) and the rest seeming like a waste of time.


The story, as I said takes off right after Batman and Robin: Road Home, which I did not, and will not be reading, so instead, I’m going to make the story up. Let’s see how well I do:


Dick: Hey Damian. Daddies home.


Damian: Tch.


Dick: Hey Damian….want to take on some bad guys with me and other daddy?


Damian: I now have two daddies?


Dick: You sure do, now let’s go get some ice cream.


Bruce has a new costume and some supernatural powers in this book, and thanks to Return of Bruce Wayne being delayed until god knows when, I was left a bit confused by a few things, why the comic opened with Tim fighting the Council of Spiders, why Bruce is in a new non-Batman costume and a how awkwardly Ramon Bachs makes everything look.


The Vicki Vale subplot, which folds over from Red Robin is covered in four pages here, and it is the best part of this comic, as I feel it was the only thing making any sense on its own. Vicki wants to uncover the truth about Batman, and she’s going about it any way possible.


If you are reading my review and saying “He is not taking any of this seriously” then fantastic, leave me a comment at the end here telling me why I am so wrong, cause I feel I am not. Bruce Wayne: The Road Home is a mini “Event” comic that should not exist, and for this reason, BWTRH: Red Robin is not only a comic you should skip, it is a comic that shouldn’t even exist.


Bruce Wayne: The Road Home-Red Robin:



Reviewed by Suavestar

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