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Review: DC Universe Online Legends #7

DC Universe Online Legends #7In complete contrast to Arkham City, DC Universe Online comic is messy, badly written and really, really pointless. I can understand why they would write a City comic to fill in the gaps in between, but why on earth we need this comic is beyond me. This is going to have to pace itself so slowly to run alongside the game that it must be shy of once every couple of months. Its that or this is going to completely ruin the game for everyone by giving the ending away.


To be honest I had no idea what was going on. Now that is in part my fault as I haven’t read the other comics but also most comics have a handy little previously section so you can catch up. This didn’t.


So as far as I can tell Batman has either been beaten to death by Brainiac or the Joker as both get blamed as the person who has done it. Batman is rescued by what appear to be superheroes but in fact are working for Lex Luthor. They proceed to replace all the broken bits of Batman with cybernetic parts, which to me is really over the top he only has some broken bones. Luthor some how places subconscious suggestions in his mind because Batman makes a solution out of the abstract.


Okay so aside from this being rubbish, Batman makes a solution from facts. If you make a solution from the abstract you end up with a really odd conclusion meaning the main objection to that. It is never explained how Luthor puts these thoughts into Batman’s mind. He just appears to wake up and decide to do it, which involves letting Lex into the Fortress of Solitude.


Why the hell would Batman do that?!? After every single time him and Superman have fought Lex you would think of the all the people to go to Lex would be last person on earth aside from the Joker. Superman even goes to the trouble to keep Lex out and Batman blows it for no apparent reason. Even better when Batman talks to Lex, he has just wiped out his friends such as the Atom so Batman knows he is bad yet still goes ahead with it.


There are just way to many contradictions in this Lex says that the Justice League are fools to attack Brainiac for the Rings of Sinestro as they won’t do anything. But then he picks them up says something about him having them will help and walks off. If they are useless why does Lex want them? Also if the rings are in the Fortress of Solitude why are the Justice League fighting Brainiac for them? Superman could give them to the League and they wouldn’t have to fight anyone at all.


The opening scene is all about the Joker and his killing Batman (or was it Brainiac?) We see him say crap and start running and that’s it. Where is he running to? Why is he so worried? But nope nothing I could be wrong and he turns up later but going on how disjointed this has been I doubt it.


The art work in this is terrible and really oddly proportioned. The Joker looks really campy and Batman in his costume looks really terrible. The helmet looks like the helmet they have just offered to DCUO users to say sorry for it being down. And with the mechanic bits Batman just becomes really oddly sized with one massive arm and one tiny arm.


For a Batman title as well there is very little Batman it seems to be Lex as the main character and Batman is supporting. He seems to spend his time unconscious or plugged into a computer talking to Lex. They might as well just call it the Lex Luthor comic and be done with it.


This comic adds little to the game and nothing to the comics out there already don’t even bother to buy it instead go get the game and play that. It will be more fun and you can influence events and even make sense of the storyline.


DC Universe Online Legends #7:


0 out of 5 Batarangs

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