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Review: Detective Comics #875

Detective Comics #875Snyder has truly created a thrilling interweaving story. The story opens with a beautiful monologue from Harvey Bullock, in which he tells us just how much Gotham truly wears a person down. When Bullock spots a birds nest, we are lead to believe that maybe Gotham is not as filthy as he imagines. However, when he approaches the nest, we see that a rat had in fact killed the unborn birds. Gotham is not a place to raise any sort of family. Not even for the commissioner of police.


The rest of the story is told from Gordon's perspective, as he recalls two unsolved cold cases. The first is one involving "The Peter-Pan Killer", a killer who would abduct children from their beds and murder them. When Gordon finds out the chief suspect in that case is released from prison, he follows him hopping to prevent another murder.


At the same time, Jim is remembering another cold case, Barbara's missing friend Bess and the possibility that his own son killed her. Snyder truly wrote Gordon as a tortured soul, who must come to grips with the fact that his son is a psychopath.


The art is perfect for this book! I can't say enough about the crime scene/murder feeling I got throughout this book. I will have nightmares of James Jr.'s glasses peering out of the dark.


If I had one nitpick, and trust me… I'm stretching for this one, it's that Gordon is seen yelling at his son in a very emotional scene. However. The letters did not reflect this. I would have liked a bold font or exclamation point.


But this is now has me itching for more James Jr. and wanting to see a Gordon series in the future.


Detective Comics #875:


5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by The Orange Puffin

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