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Review: Eaglemoss Hush

The latest Batman related Eaglemoss figure came out recently, #89, and this time around it features Hush (It was only a matter of time). Once again the figure is a lead, scale model of the comic character which comes with a magazine giving insight into the character's origin and pivotal storylines.


When I first head that Eaglemoss were producing this figure, my first thought was, will they have enough information to fill the magazine? Well the truth is, no! I've found that in the back few pages of the magazines there is often a feature, usually related to the main character and their relationships with other villains or something similar but in this instance, the back feature was a little padded and stretched out longer than it had to be. Having said that, the magazine did have Tommy Elliot's history right up to the last issue of 'Streets of Gotham' which was nice as it gave a decent back story to readers who aren't familiar with the character.


As for the figure itself, it is better in some areas than the last Batman related figure (Batwoman) but not so much in others. This figure seems to be more heavy duty, the balance is better as Batwoman was a little top-heavy. On the other hand, the painting on this figure was not done with finesse, it is very thick in places and tonally flat. It's a shame as the painting style of the Batwoman figure emulated J.H.Williams III's painted art style.





Overall, however, this is another great figure from the Eaglemoss line. Looking at their website it seems the next figure will be Barbara Gordon Batgirl but seemingly in her DCnU costume, it will be interesting to see what fills the pages of the accompanying magazine for that figure. So you can look out for that review in a month or two, but as for this figure, I'll give it a strong rating.


Eaglemoss Hush:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Joe Jinks

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