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Review: Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #2

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Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #2

From the opening of the issue, it's clear the Amazons mean business. Diana strategizes in a small room. She's speaking to one of her generals, trying to figure out whether this war is simply dooming earth. Penthesilea, the general, reminds her that war with the Atlanteans is necessary after they killed their queen and destroyed Themyscira. It seems the turning point will be the helm of Nabu, last seen on Kent's head at Haley's Circus.


Meanwhile, in Poland, the Flying Graysons are performing their infamous act, flying together, when an Amazon attack startles Mary so badly that she falls to the ground. The next panel shows her on the ground, dead. The Amazons begin attacking the people at the circus and John tells Dick they have to get the children.


As the Amazons begin to attack Boston Brand, he bolts out, not intending to see how things turn out. Haley's Circus retaliates as best they can, losing many as they try to make their escape. Shark attacks one of the warriors, allowing Kent and the Helm of Nabu to escape along with the others. When they realize they've lost Shark, Boston refuses to go back and get him, preferring that his name be a name only.


Dick and John realize they can't go back and get Mary, as Boston realizes the Amazons were after Kent. He suggests they run away from him, rather than with him. Dick, irate, tells him to shut up. Just then, they're approached by another person. It's a man, also seeking the Helm. He battles two Amazons in the sky. One throws a spear, mortally wounding Kent and John. Kent beckons Boston closer and tells him he can see right through him. Before revealing anything else, he expires.


Dick demands to know what's going on. The mysterious stranger reveals his name is Vertigo he's part of the resistance, and they follow him to his hiding place as the Amazons circle above. Boston wants to know what anyone would want with a sideshow prop. Vertigo admits he doesn't know, he only knows they wanted it and that's enough for him to keep them from getting it.


Dick realizes they need to get his father to a hospital, though John insists he'll be fine if he just rests for a bit. The rest of the group discusses the resistance, including the possible inclusion of Cyborg and his crew. When Boston suggests they allow Vertigo to run and be chased by the Amazons, leaving them out of it, Dick doesn't waste time punching him. He explains that Mary is laying dead under what's left of their circus, and that John is dying.


In other words, they're already in it.


Later in the evening, John calls out for Boston. He tells Boston that he's strong, he's able to be alone. He explains Dick isn't like that, Dick needs people. He makes Boston promise to stay with Dick, and not to leave him, no matter what.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, the Amazons decide to take more drastic measures to find the Helm, said to be indestructible. Rather than search, they're going to have Starfire burn the city to the ground.


The writing on this issue felt tight, like there was no wasted words or panels. I've enjoyed the pacing on this mini-series, and absolutely loved the portrayals of familiar characters. I've enjoyed J.T. Krul's work on Teen Titans and with the Arsenal and Green Arrow storylines, so it was nice to see him take on a member of the Bat-family. Given the romantic past between Nightwing and Starfire in the regular timeline, it's not that unusual that she would be brought into this story, but it was still something I wasn't really expecting.


I enjoy the art-style this was done in, specifically the coloring. It fits particularly well in larger panels, like the circus attack and the reveal of Starfire. It softens the story, which is actually fairly gruesome.


Again, this all fits into the larger Flashpoint universe, and we see that certain events are always going to be paralleled, with Dick's parents dying and the mugging outside of the theater in Crime Alley. I still really enjoy the fact that Dick's costume is essentially his Disco-wing costume, but that's more of an aside than anything else.

I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the mini, if only because I want to know what twist J.T. Krul is going to throw at us.


Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #2:


4.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Melinda Hinman

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