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Review: Green Lantern #9 (2006)

Green Lantern featuring Batman


Well, the comic starts off with a man being chased through Gotham City by some a saber-tooth tiger and a skull with wings that can breathe fire. The man is later killed by a man holding a Tattoo gun. After killing him, the unknown man writes a message on the dead man’s chest and the media claims this murder was done by a Green Lantern villain known as The Tattooed Man.


So Batman calls in Hal Jordan to help, as we all know Batman doesn’t like other hero’s villains in his city. So Green Lantern comes to the Batcave. He asks Bruce why he didn’t just call him, instead of getting Green Arrow to pass on the message. This leads to Hal and Bruce having a little argument as Bruce still doesn’t trust Hal (Continuity Note: Before coming back to life, Hal Jordan was affected by the evil Avatar of the Sinestro Corps Parallax). Bruce shows Hal the crime scene photos and says that they are dealing with Tattooed Man. Jordan thinks different as the Tattooed Man he knows of is locked up in prison. So they go out looking for this new Tattooed Man, but not before Bruce punches Jordan in the face and says that they are now even.


They take the Batmobile to the last known whereabouts of the new Tattooed Man. In the Batmobile, Hal tries to make Batman laugh, but he has a hard time doing so. He even makes a joke about Robin and asks if any of sidekicks ever grow because the seat is so far forward. Bruce tells him to buckle up which Hal jokes it off. Bruce hits a speed bump which in turn makes Hal hit the roof of the Batmobile. This is my favorite part of the issue because you see that Bruce does have a funny side to him. Soon afterwards, they are both attacked by the Tattooed Man, who calls them both sinners. Hal then gets the Tattooed Man attention, Bruce knocks him out with one punch, and the police come and arrest him. Bruce and Hal go back to the Batcave, where Jordan gives Bruce his power ring and asks him to put it on. Bruce refuses until Hal begs and tells Bruce it will help him overcome his greatest fear like it did for him with the death of his father. Bruce puts it on and his costume changes to a Green Lantern costume mixed with the Batsuit, which is pretty cool! Then Bruce creates an image of his parents with the ring and starts to cry. He takes off the ring and tells Hal that he is not ready got overcome his fear. Before Jordan leaves Bruce smiles and tells him that it’s good to have him back. Hal smiles and replies, “It’s good to be back”.


This issue is pretty good. The story is very solid and doesn’t feel like random team between two superheroes. Geoff Johns portrays the bad blood Bruce has towards Hal throughout. Johns also shows in this issue that he is a Batman fan and knows how to write Batman. This was really good. Didn’t feel like a pointless team issue. It made me glad that I picked it up last year at a comic book traders market. Also the back and forth banter between Hal and Bruce was priceless. Another thing I have to give Johns credit for is reminding us that Jordan and Bruce both saw their loved ones and they each handled it in their own way. The only problem I had with this issue was the fight they had with Tattooed Man. The fight was only two pages long and felt like it could have been longer. But hey, that's just me. I can’t wait and see what Johns bring to Batman: Earth One. The penciling by Ethan Van Sciver who not only draws a good Batman, but his art is amazing.


Green Lantern #9:



Reviewed by Johnny Impulse

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