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Review: Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #64

Legends of the Dark Knight #64For those of you that have not been following the digital first title Legends of the Dark Knight this week’s installment is the 2nd is a 3-part series entitled “Elements of Crime”. Last week the issue ended in a cliffhanger with Robin tied up and no help in sight.  Also for new readers please keep in mind that not all the stories in this title are part of normal continuity.


So far this storyline really seems to be a modern take on a golden age story. The costumes are modern but the villain, the dialogue, even the Batmobile are all right out of a much earlier timeline.  Don’t take that as a criticism. A lot of comic fans, myself included love to go back and read the old golden age stories. This is an opportunity to do so using the most modern type of comic you can get your hands on… a digital first title. If you are a fan of older material than this type of story will almost defiantly be perfect for you.


The storyline itself is of course extremely straightforward. The Element King is working with the Element Queen to do something nefarious! The plot is quick and fast paced but still gives us some good exposition about the villains that we are presented with.  This is not a complex story but a well written one. And to be honest it is very refreshing to read this type of storytelling in a Batman comic.  If you feel depressed/angry/confused when you get done reading your normal monthly stack you may want to try this out.


The art by Tom Lyle fits very well with this story and his Robin costume is a bright spot. It still annoys me to this day to read older material and see the pixie boots on Robin so I much prefer this more modern costume. And anytime someone draws a Batmobile with the giant Bat-Shield on the front I am hooked.


The chapter ends with Batman and Robin literally back in the exact same trap as they escaped from in the start of this chapter and it works.  If you are looking for some light fare than this current storyline is for you.


Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #64:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Ed Grause

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  • I wish I could figure out the action on pages/screens 5-7 better. 

    It is curious to see a Robin who's clearly Tim Drake (costume, hair, computer knowledge, reference to Dick) working with a Batman who's clearly…Adam West? The Bruce Wayne of 1951?