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Review: Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #65

Legends of the Dark Knight #65This chapter starts off from last month’s cliffhanger which once again had Batman and Robin and the mercy of the Element Queen.  The story is the same in tone in last month and this chapter features some very fun lighthearted moments.  Robin especially shines the brightest in here. This is in my opinion Tim Drake and we get a glimpse of what he would have acted like if he had been dropped into the golden age of comics. His quips about Majors not being able to get to first base with the Element Queen is a legitimately funny moment.  This take on the Tim Drake character is something I have always been curious about and this is pulled off very well. The villains in this story are fine for what they are. And the scene with the Element Queen in the closing pages of the book where she looks to the sky and blurts out “not again” will get a chuckle out of you.


As for the story itself everything is wrapped up well here but the story has enough twists and turns to keep your interest.  Again there is nothing earth shattering or uncharted about the story but it is clean and sleek. The movement of the story to the Pentagon comes across as piece of brilliance as it seems to be the most insane idea ever. This is defiantly the world of Batman that is inhabited by giant typewriters and villains who have fashioned umbrellas into helicopters. And to be honest if you don’t enjoy seeing Batman backhand Majors in the batcave and the ensuing question to Robin about first base then you may need to check your pulse.


This is the end of this three chapter story and it was the perfect length for this story. Any shorter and it would have felt very rushed and any longer and may have started to feel too drawn out. The duplicate cliffhanger may not come across as well in the collected print edition as it does here in the chaptered digital version of this comic. Overall this is a fun story and really does a great job using the Legends of the Dark Knight brand name the right way.


Legends of the Dark Knight Chapter #65:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Ed Grause

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