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Review: Legends of the Super Heroes DVD

Legends of the Super Heroes DVDWhat can be said about this rare release from Warner Bros.?While a part me wants to say how amazingly horrible this series was, the other part can't help but to think how great it is to have it released on DVD.


Legends of the Super Heroes was a very short-lived show on NBC in 1979. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera. It was meant to be a TV  special and not a series. When it aired there were two parts. The first one was called "The Challenge" and the other was "The Roast."


Adam West reprised his role of Batman and Bruce Ward reprised his role of Robin. The also showed the first live action appearance of the Huntress and Black Canary. Frank Gorshin also appeared in one of the episodes as the Riddler.


The first episode features Batman and Robin meeting up with the other heroes at the Batcave to learn of a plot hatched by the Legion of Doom. The second episode is exactly what it's title says, a roast. Ed McMahon hosts the roast and no hero is safe from the various villain remarks.


Now this was made with a very low budget. It has the dreaded laugh track and there are very little special features. The most amazing thing about this DVD is that it is actually in a legal DVD form from Warner Bros. And even if you have seen this on YouTube, it has been remastered as well. Now this is not available in stores, but you can get it on WBShop.com. I am glad despite the insane premise of this show that it is available for the collectors, like myself, who have to have everything.


Legends of the Super Heroes DVD:


3 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Dustin

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