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Review: Red Robin #10

Editor's Note: Here is part two.


Red Robin #10, with the current creative team of Chris Yost, and Marcus To, is another issue in the Red Robin versus Ra's al Ghul saga. This issue picks up where Batgirl #8 left off, with Prudence on a rooftop with Red Robin and Stephanie, only now, she’s holding a gun to Stephanie, claiming she has to kill her. Tim then gives us a page of inner monologue about how it is his fault that Stephanie is in this situation and how it is his fault she is going to die. Stephanie then takes down Pru with a kick and punch combo, before it is revealed that Pru owes Tim, and how she’s here to help him.


Next up we have Alfred talking to Vicki Vale who is asking to see Tim, and how she is starting to question where he really is. It’s a boring two page scene that you won’t really care about five minutes later. This is followed up by Hush, who still looks like Bruce Wayne being kidnapped by Ra’s Al Ghul, who knows who Hush really is and wants his help. We go back to the scene of Pru, Batgirl, and Red Robin on a rooftop talking about how things have changed and what they need to do to combat Ra’s.


Next the team of Batgirl, Red Robin, and Pru go to Tim’s hideout, and try to work out what to do next, however before they can plan their next move, they are ambushed by what looks to be DC’s version of the X-Men, except they work for Ra’s and don’t look nearly as cool, or even interesting.


The issue ends with Tam, the person who Tim is meant to care about, left at the wayside outside of Wayne Manor, being told by Vicki Vale that no one is home, and how she wants to talk about Tim. Tam answers with what do you want to know, just as a sniper has their sights set to kill Tam and Vicki, and that is where this issue ends, to be continued.


Well, it’s like night and day with these books, one has great writing, but an artist who decided to phone it all in. The other has an artist who has really grown on me, and whose art I really enjoy be plagued by terrible writing.


To sum that up for you, this is yet another filler issue of Red Robin, nothing of interest happens, Tim’s inner monologue is still very depressing and makes me dislike the character a little more each time I read it, and he is just not very interesting here, most certainly not enough to justify his own comic. Take the Red Robin from Batgirl, Red Robin there, is written to be like a mini Batman, but also, he’s still written to be Tim Wayne. Here, he’s written to be an annoying emo, who every month I find myself hating more and more.


Once again, the art in this book goes from strength to strength. It is not the best art I have ever seen, but it is not necessarily the worst. Over the past few issues, To has grown more and more comfortable with drawing Red Robin and his world, and that really comes across here. It’s really just a shame that Chris Yost is writing a pretty poor comic for him to work from.


Red Robin #10:



Reviewed by Suavestar

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