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Review: Red Robin #11

Red Robin #11 is the third part of the collision storyline, and also the 11th part of Chris Yost’s run on the character, that will culminate with issue 12 and end his tenure on the comic. The issue does its best to annoy the reader by jumping between Tam Fox and Vicki Vale and Red Robin fighting a bunch of league of assassin nobodies. All in all, what we have here is a mediocre comic.


The jumping back and forth in this issue is setting up that Ra’s is truly pissed at Tim for screwing him over a few issues ago, and his decided to take all of Gotham down, by attacking everyone Tim cares about, namely the Bat-family. Tim Drake spends the entire issue dressed up as Red Robin, and using his inner monologue boxes to bore the reader to tears and complain that “It’s all his fault” and “Batgirl has to save us” all in all, they really inspire confidence in the hero of this comic from me.


Red Robin, can you save the day? Gee, I don’t know Suave, how about you call Batgirl, she’s quite good, I’m just……Bruce is alive you know. How do you know that Red Robin? I just do. Leave me alone. Please help me.


I am really getting tired of Yost’s writing of Tim, not only has he still not explained to the reader why Tim thinks Bruce is alive, and why he’s thought that since issue #1, but he’s also making me grow to hate the character more and more each month. When this series started, Tim was supposed to be a hero in his own right, now it seems like Tim is just waiting for the days when Bruce comes back from the grave so he can go back to being regular Robin again.


The art in this issue by Marcus To is alright, but nothing special, it’s not something to buy the book for.


My main issue with this series has been with Chris Yost’s writing, and this issue is no exception. A set up issue for the finale of his storyline, and frankly, I do not care anymore, Yost has made me hate the character of Tim Drake and find him to be a whiny emo. Really, when Yost leaves this book next month, and his storyline is over, I can guarantee that the only collision that this comic will see, is from me throwing it into the bin.


Red Robin #11:



Reviewed by Suavestar

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