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Review: Red Robin #18

Red Robin #18

You know, sometimes I wonder what does it take to make me enjoy a comic? Is it characters I like getting on with their lives and having fun, while I toil away at a degree I never seem to be getting? Is my own deep dark disturbing nature which makes me think that comics cannot be a beds of roses and sometimes a bad guy has to win? Or maybe just like this convoluted introduction, it is just not giving me a comic where I can end the issue by saying “Wow….I don’t care.” I’m going to go for the last one.


This month, I am going to talk to you about Red Robin #18, which takes place in Russia, and has a Russian superhero, which I don’t really care about being the Russian teen equivalent of Superman. And I am not a fan of Superman, so imagine my disinterest when I read about a Russian Superman, who in my head has the voice of Ivan Drago, or Vladimir Kozlov from the WWE.


Anyway, back to the issue, we have some worthless story about Tim needing some help getting money together to fund some organization that he is the face of, I didn’t really want to care about this, as Tim is the adopted son of Bruce “More money than God” Wayne. I get the idea of Tim not wanting Bruce’s money to fund his ideals, but quick question, how did Tim pay for the trip to Russia and his Red Robin costume? I’m going to say it was daddy’s money.


What follows next is the most forced piece of “Hey….he’s a teen heart throb” that I have ever witnessed in a comic. All Tim can think of throughout the issue is his hormones, and I get that he is supposed to be a teen, but get your jollies some other time; there is business to take care of.
Next we have Red Robin inside the Russian Superman’s spaceship. Maybe if I’d read something about this Russian hero before this issue, I would care about this, but all I took away from the page was how much I disliked the Marcus To art.


Yes, I’ve said it; I did not like Marcus To this month. Usually I say his art is the highlight of the issue, well this month I am going to say it was the downside to a terrible part one to a story that I am not going to enjoy reading next month.


With a boring story, and mediocre art, I am beginning to wonder if Fabian the man was set to make Red Robin a full-fledged hero. There is really so much about this issue that rubbed me the wrong way. But you know what? I will be reading part two of this dreadful storyline. And there is nothing you can do to stop me.


Red Robin #18:


1.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Suavestar

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