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Review: Red Robin #8

Red Robin #8 is the end to the arc known as the council of spiders, and really is the finale to everything that Chris Yost has been setting up since issue #1. That being said, this issue is not something to cheer about, on the contrary, I found this issue to be the most cliched and boring of the entire series, and after reading what has came before this, which is saying something.


The comic really just comes across as Yost not really knowing how to write a finale to an arc and throwing stuff at the page and seeing what sticks. Let me take the final four pages for example, and these will be spoiling the comic: Red Robin blows up the cradle, and escapes with Tam, just as it’s blowing up. Tam kisses Red Robin and screams “I’m alive!"


The villains survive with barely a scratch on them. They were in the middle of the explosions inside the cave, and are walking out without a scratch. When she escapes the cave, the wanderer, leader of the council of spiders proclaims they have a new target, heroes. Well excuse me while I pretend to care that you survived.


The art in this issue, is very average, as usual, I do not really care for Marcus To’s art in this comic. This whole comic under To's pencils really lacks anything to get me interested in Tim and his international exploits.


Chris Yost as usual hands a very average script that achieves nothing and really makes this whole comic feels like Tim is just playing around outside Gotham, waiting for Bruce to come back, so that he can go back to being Robin. I really am not a fan of Yost’s need to have jump cuts every two panels, but after seeing him here trying to keep a story linear, I really want him to actually come up with an interesting plot for this comic, and execute it well.


All in all, this is a very mediocre end, to a very average storyline, with both writer and artist not seeming to know what they want from the character. Leaving me, as the reader of this comic, very disappointed.


Red Robin #8:



Reviewed by Suavestar

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