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Review: Red Robin #9

Red Robin #9, written by Chris Yost, art by Marcus To, not Ramon Bachs who is on the cover of the comic as artist, but following the many screw ups in the DC office with soliciting Paul to be writing books, which he’s not actually doing, I can let that slide for now.


This issue sees Red Robin come back to Gotham, to take down Ra’s, who has now sworn to destroy everything Bruce Wayne made.The story is mixed with Red Robin getting back to grips with how Gotham works, by taking down Killer Moth, in a sequence that is the most enjoyable in the book. Tim, instead of whining about how Bruce is alive, is now just doing what I want this comic to do, be in the middle of a fight, with a second tier villain.


The rest of the comic has Tim meeting his old friends, like Conner Kent, who Tim has a heartfelt moment with, referencing a sequence in a comic that I didn’t read. That comic was Adventure Comics #4. What is Yost’s obsession with making the reader have to read other comics to understand just what Tim is talking about? I’m sure the DC editors love that Yost is doing this, but I, as a reader, am just left feeling lost.


Next we have a sequence with Tim and Ra’s, with Ra’s reminding Tim, that although you are in a boring comic that really is a filler issue at best, you still have to face the league.


Following this revelation, Tim realizes that he needs help, in the form of the bat-family, and who does he find in the cave, smiling? Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, and she says “Well, I’m not spoiler anymore tee hee…” Yes, that’s where we end this comic, with a shock ending, that was given away in solicitations three months ago.


The art in this comic, as usual with Red Robin at this point, is average at best. It does look good in places, but as with Red Robin itself, just when you start to enjoy it, the creative team pulls it away from you. The page that bothers me the most, is the final page, with Batgirl. She seems so posed on that page and is in complete contrast with what she is saying. So, overall, acceptable art, that could be better.


Chris Yost’s writing is his usual work here, it is serviceable. But like the art, it is nothing special. Red Robin seems to be that little comic that just can’t get to where it wants to go, and for that reason, I still remain disappointed with the comic.


Red Robin #9:



Reviewed by Suavestar

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