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Review: Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics

Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics

Another DVD came out a couple weeks back and I wanted to make sure to tell you about. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics was announced out of nowhere back in July. San Diego Comic Con was right around the corner and the programming was released. Among the normal panels we would cover, I noticed a panel scheduled for Friday night for a screening of a film called Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics. Up to the point of reading the blurb for the screening, I had not heard about this at all. Shortly there after, I was emailed by one of the Warner Bros. press contacts about setting up some time to do interviews with the people appearing in the film. I jumped at the opportunity.


So we skip ahead to SDCC and Apple, Josh, and I go to this press meeting for Secret Origin. When we get there we see a number of DC creators. Denny O'Neil, Len Wein, and Jim Lee. Again we had no idea what this project was other than the info given by the title. We pulled aside our WB contact and asked him to tell us about the project. The way he described it was the in's and out's of DC Comics, with a bunch of behind the scenes pieces related to the creators.


That was the perfect description. Later that day, Apple and Josh went to the screening and said they were completely blown away by it. I knew a review copy would be in the mail and I could not wait to see it. The release date was November 9. The review copy arrived in the mail the week before. I immediately sat down and cued up the TV. I was not expecting such details about the humble beginnings of DC Comics.


The entire film moves in a time line fashion that follows all of the events that carved the history of DC Comics. The film is brilliantly narrated by the actor of DC's next major live-action franchise, Ryan Reynolds. I don't want to go into too much detail about everything they cover because this is something that every Batman fan should watch to earn a better appreciation for the company that continues to bring joy to our lives.


As for complaints, I don't have much. It is a documentary, so there are no real special features. It would have been cool to get a sort of character bio section with some of the characters they focused on in the film. Also, as much as it is a look at the past, I feel that there was not a ton of time spent on the present. Once the nineties were complete the film wrapped up very quickly. I know that this film will not make a huge turnaround for WB but I would have not minded to pay extra for a Blu-ray copy or even a DVD copy that was longer. The film sits at ninety minutes long, but it goes by very quickly.


Overall, the film is a must see for every Bat-fan. If you are a hardcore fan like myself, than this is a must-add to your collection.


Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics:


4.5 out of 5 Batarangs


For your viewing pleasure, here is the trailer for the film along with some of the interview we did at Comic Con.







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