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Review: Smallville Season 9 DVD

Alright, another great set to review. Warner Bros. sent over the DVD version of Smallville season 9. Twenty-one episodes are included on this set. There are some special features featuring some of the behind the scenes details about some of the episodes. So what did I think? Well, let's cover what is in the set.


The set includes twenty episodes and one two hour episode. This season of Smallville dives more into the lore of Superman by continuing Clark's job at The Daily Planet and building the relationship between Lois. Instead of flying around Metropolis in the genuine red and blue suit, Clark has become the Blur who goes around saving people in black garb with the Superman symbol on his chest. At least he is making progress. General Zod is featured as the main protagonist in this season. Green Arrow continues to play a large role in the series as the "Justice League" is becoming more of a reality. Martina Manhunter gets his powers back. Chole plays a large role in the organization of the league. Lois continues her fascination with the Blur despite her feelings growing for Clark. As for the guest heroes and villains, there are more than before. Zatanna returns for an episode. The Wonder Twins are featured in an episode. Mettallo, Toyman, Roulette, Icicle, Silver Banshee, Maxwell Lord, Red Queen, and Amanda Waller all make appearances. Martha Kent and Perry White returns as well. But the big addition was the Justice Society of America. Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Stargirl are introduced in a two hour episode. We see a ton of nods to other heroes including the Flash, Green Lantern, and Wildcat among others.


As far as special features, there are a good amount. There were a number of deleted scenes. There are two commentaries as well. As far as documentary-type features, there were two. The first being dedicated to Zod and what it takes to create a classic evil villain. The other feature is all about the creation of the Absolute Justice episode. There were interviews from Geoff Johns, who wrote the episode, as well as a lot of the pre-production aspects.


Overall, I thought this was a great set. The best part was not only the Absolute Justice episode, but also the addition of a slew of characters from the DC Universe. I really enjoyed watching the season again on DVD, even though I have already watched it on TV. This is a must own.


You can purchase the season on DVD here and on Blu-ray here as they are both available now.


Warner Bros. has provided this clip for the set.




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