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Review: StickerYou Sheets

So I wanted to share with all of you information about a new company. StickerYou is a fairly new company that makes stickers. Stickers you ask? Yep, they make stickers. We have all gone to the store and have seen cheap sheets of stickers in the party favor aisle. You never considered buying them. These stickers you should consider buying.


I was contacted by their company asking to possibly partner with them. At first I thought it was a joke. Who would want to buy stickers? They gave me a link to try out a widget that showed how it all works. This widget actually is what makes it all worth it. See, they have a license with Warner Bros. that allows them access to a number of DC Comic properties. The interesting thing about the widget is that you can take all of the bat-symbols among other images and resize them to whatever size you want as long as it fits on the page. They have all the bat-symbols. On top of the logos, they also have a number of images that feature the characters from the DC Universe.



I tried it out and made two sheets. It was actually a lot of fun making the images fit on the page. After that I submitted the order and received it in the mail about a week later. After I submitted the order, I browsed their site for info. These stickers are not your daddy's stickers. These are water resistant, sun resistant, and removable. That means that you can use them as bumper stickers or on your laptop. They are made of vinyl and cut with precision so that they come off the paper without tearing. Overall, they are great.


Being that I believe in the product, I naturally partnered up with them. You can now make your own sheets right here on the website. Head over here to try out the widget. So now you are probably asking yourself, how much are these things? Well, they are more than your standard sticker pack. One sheet is $6.99. I know it sounds like a lot, but you can do a lot of things with these. You could use these as decals for your iPod or computer. That is what I am using them for. Because we have teamed up with them, they are also offering 25% off to fans of TheBatmanUniverse. All you have to do is be sure to use the promo code 25offTBU when checking out.


I think you should give it a try. Get yourself one sheet and see how good they really are.


StickerYou Sheets:



Posted by Dustin

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