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Review: Super Friends: The Lost Episodes

If you were a kid growing up in the seventies or eighties, how can you forget the Super Friends? In 1973, ABC introduced young children to a more kid-friendly version of the Justice League of America. The series was called Super Friends. The series ran on ABC for many years and it wasn't until 1984 that the series went into a break. ABC had enough episodes from the past that it canceled the series and started running the old episodes syndicated five days a week. Hanna-Barbera on the other hand continued to produce the show and created another 24 episodes. The new episodes aired in Australia and eventually ran during Superman/Batman Adventures in 1995.


The Super Friends have been released in various version combining seasons in a box set for all to enjoy. But there was a question from fans of the series. Where were the 24 episodes that never aired on ABC? What ever happened to them? Why were they not released as part of the special features? Well, Warner Home Video has answered the questions by releasing all 24 episodes on DVD this week.


After watching the 24 episodes, I have to say you really have to be a fan to enjoy this. A lot of people despised the Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna and their crazy monkey Gleek. These characters are front and center in these episodes. The animation isn't the best and the writing is horrific, but if you are a fan of DC animation it is still a must buy. You will feel a bit nostalgic when watching the episodes and remember watching them back when they first aired. The other thing that is really nice about the set is that it comes with two downloadable Super Friends comic book adventures. Despite being the only special feature it is still worth it.


Overall, if you enjoy feeling nostalgic or are a huge fan of DC animation this is for you. If you are not either one of those people, then you might want to pass on it as you probably won't enjoy it as much. The DVD set was released on August 11 and is available now at most stores and online.


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