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Review: Superman/Batman #70

Now we are starting to get a little annoying with the penultimate issue of this story arc. Annoying in that we are still waiting for why this story HAD to be a crossover with “Our Worlds At War.” Now granted, as any reader of comics in recent years should know, just because a crossover banner is splashed over a title doesn’t mean the title is going to have much to do with said event, but still as an isolated tie-in coming out a little less than a decade after the event wrapped up, one would think the tie-ins would be more than lip service pieces of dialogue that seemed shoehorned in at the last minute.


Well, at least it’s not “Oh look, the sky’s red” as the Batman tie-ins for “Crisis On Infinite Earths” were.


That being said, this is an enjoyable story, even if its making me feel like it’s a garden variety good comic book story. This particular one is very Batman-centric though, as Bruce is intent on “bringing the fight to Gaines” by luring him, with the help of the Watchtower’s satellites, to where he and Superman left the ancient Kryptonian vessel. And Bruce, in a nifty space Bat-suit, is heading to have a showdown with the Durlan posing as Gaines. We do get a nice battle with The Hooded Hangman as Bruce is inner monologue-ing at the start, which is nice to see just for the randomness of it.


Also Gaines has NRG-X have a showdown with Superman in the Fortress, providing a second “theater” for his “private little war” as characters in the story allude to. So that’s where the cliffhanger leaves us at. Superman and NRG-X having a good old fashioned mano a mano brawl in the North Pole, and Gaines on the Kryptonian vessel with Batman heading towards him as we head towards the conclusion of this story next month.


I do have to say that I really dig the cover for this issue. While the whole side-by-side differences with Superman and Batman is beyond cliche at this point, I do like this particular Ardian Sayaf take on that cliche. It does seem that he is aping Jim Lee a little with the style and background, just a nice piece of work.


Again I have to give this this rating as it is pretty much your average, run of the mill enjoyable comic book story. Nothing earth shattering or impactful, it’s just popcorn entertainment. Nothing’s wrong with that of course, but as I’ve been saying, I’ve kind have been expecting more from the fact that this was tying in with an epic DC event from the past.


Superman/ Batman #70:



Reviewed by SteveJRogers

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