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Review: Superman/Batman #80

Superman/Batman #80

That’s it? Did I miss something? Am I that completely out of the loop?


I have to confess that after reading this issue I thought for sure I missed the inside joke or the wink and nod to the “real” fans that “get” this story.




After such a great beginning in Superman/Batman #79 this storyline falls flat on its face. Talk about letting the air out of the balloon. And not just any balloon. Try a Macy’s day parade balloon shaped like Superman or Batman and imagine it losing all its air and bouncing around the streets of New York.


I’m serious. I thought DC changed the writer. “Roberson you’re off the mag. Alfred E. Neuman you’re in!” Man what disappointment.


Gone is that self-aware humor that was embodied by the villain Epoch. Gone is that vulnerability that shackled our heroes in the previous issue. Gone are the clever machinations of a foe that is actually several steps ahead of the “Worlds’ Finest”.


We readers, film goers and comic fans of the superhero loving ilk often put our heroes on a pedestal. Woe to anyone who dares to knock these near perfect beings off their lofty perch. But that’s what was so refreshing about S/B #79. It dared poke fun at the almighty. They were out thought, out planned and out maneuvered by a foe that also took the time to diss them as he laughed his way to his next victory.


I guess it was too good to be true. An “Omega Barrier” inspired by a black hole to trap the seventies World’s Finest team. Pfft! Haven’t you heard of “Hawking Radiation”! (Well, Robin didn’t) A little heat vision mixed with the uncertainty principle and we’re out!


Or how about the multi-dimensional time loop trap for Superman/Batman #1,000,000? Duh, don’t be so three dimensional! Supes is a fifth dimensional thinker. Problem solved!


Sigh. Ok, enough rant. No, I am not going to do a recap here. The only thing worth mentioning is the fun look at all the future versions of Superman and Batman. From “Kent Shakespeare” to “Superwoman” to “Brane Taylor” and the “Unknown Superman” That was nice.


The rest? Ugh. Maybe letting the air out a Macy’s balloon was too nice. How about the Hindenburg? Oh the humanity!


Superman/Batman #80:


1 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Dark Knight Dave

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