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Review: Tiny Titans #35

Tiny Titans #35

For over thirty issues now, the Tiny Titans have amused and delighted us. It's helpful to have read some of the previous issues so you know Raven and her father don't have any angst, or that Lobo is a teacher at the school. Fortunately, there's no continuity to keep track of.


This issue really introduces the idea of multiple universes to the Titans when Talon, Owlman's sidekick, shows up. He follows Robin around for most of the issue and when they get Raven's help to get him back to the Earth he came from, they open a portal but before they can do anything the Titans from Opposite Earth show up.


Clearly, it's not quite accurate to continuity because we know Talon is from the Opposite Earth with the Crime Syndicate. With one cry of "Aw Yeah Titans", they unite and try to get to know each other. We see Speedy with Quickly, Aqualad with Aquaboy, Wondergirl with Girl of Wonder, and Kid Flash with Flash Kid.


Over a bowl of Aqua-Ohs, all Titans argue about what are hero colors and what are villain colors. Anti-Monitor happens to be walking by the Batcave and hears the argument over colors. He rushes home to tell Monitor. In a bit of comic relief, we watch Monitor and Anti-Monitor argue over coffee and then go see what the Tiny Titans are arguing about.


Meanwhile, back in the cave, the Tiny Titans are discussing all the similarities of their worlds. Talon is so obsessed with proving to the rest of the Tiny Titans that green and purple are bad guy colors that he opens the portal back up and tries to unite the villains.


All of a sudden, all the titans from all of the universes show up. A few moments later, we see all 52 teams of Tiny Titans at Trigon and Raven's house, eating pancakes.


I'll admit, I'm a huge sucker for the Tiny Titans. I love the stuff they throw in to introduce children to different aspects the DC Universe and the little hints and jokes they throw in for the older readers. It isn't something I pick up all the time, but it's something I enjoy every time.


Tiny Titans #35:


4.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Melinda

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