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Riddler for Batman 3?

FirstShowing.net has posted up some interesting information based on the Riddler and Batman 3. They had some info come their way that the Riddler is listed as a character for Batman 3. This info was on a casting grid for Batman 3. A casting grid is something that the industry uses to list characters and cast that are in some way involved.


On this same casting grid that mentions the Riddler as a character for Batman 3, Joseph Gordon Levitt is listed as interested in the role. As of right now, this is all still considered rumors, but four years ago info was rumored that Heath Ledger was involved in Batman 2. A couple of weeks after Comic Con, Warner Bros. released a press release stating that Ledger would be playing the Joker and the name if the film was The Dark Knight.


This is all still rumors until WB confirms or denies this info. We are covering the rumors because you asked us to. So maybe we will be hearing something very soon from Warner Bros.




Posted by Dustin

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