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Rumor Mill: Tim Drake's New Series

Teen Titans #17It is no secret that I am a huge supporter of Tim Drake getting his own series. I voiced this at numerous points during multiple episodes of both The Batman Universe Podcast and The Batman Universe Comic Podcast.


That being said, I am starting to read into more of the comments that I see while posting new stories and seeing whether or not this is actually going to happen. Dan Didio has asked fans at Fan Expo back in August, Baltimore Comic Con in September and New York Comic Con in October if Tim Drake should have his own series. At all locations, fan agreed that they want it to happen.


In addition to Didio questioning whether this should happen or not, Scott Snyder said himself that Tim Drake will have a major part in the current Death of the Family storyline at Baltimore Comic Con. We can see from the solicitations for December and January that Teen Titans closely ties to Death of the Family.


The solicitations released today feature a unique description for Teen Titans #17.

The team is finally reunited in the wake of “DEATH OF THE FAMILY”-but something is very wrong with Red Robin! What did The Joker do?


The cover for the issue shown above shows Tim in a state of distress. What happened? Well, whatever it is, it could mean the change in Teen Titans that could mean a new solo series for Tim.


Recently, Scott Lobdell was at Long Beach Comic Con and when asked by Newsarama about the future of the Teen Titans series, he stated that the book will take a "sharp left turn" after the currently unfolding "Death of the Family" storyline.


So what is going to happen in Death of the Family to Tim? Could it be so impactful that it causes him to leave the Teen Titans? And possibly start working solo again? Or could he be starting a new team closer to home with a certain Black Bat and Spoiler? Well, one can hope for that last one.


We will probably be seeing a new solo Tim Drake series by May 2013, but in the meantime, follow Death of the Family to find out what does happen to Tim.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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