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Rumor Mill: Affleck to Direct Stand-Alone Batman Film

affleck batman

While this not necessarily new to the rumor mill, the rumor is currently remaking the rounds online. Latino Review has posted up an article stating that Ben Affleck will be directing the next stand-alone Batman film.


When Affleck was was first announced to be playing Batman, a lot of people already assumed that he would potentially direct any Batman films. The discussion was out there for quite awhile but was never confirmed by Affleck or Warner Bros.


Then last year when the announcement of the slate of DC Films was missing stand-alone films for both Batman and Superman fans started questioning if they would even have their own solo films. But in that same announcement, it was said that both Batman and Superman would have their own films to be planned later on.


Latino Review is now reporting that not only will there be a stand-alone Batman film, but they claim that it will titles “The Batman” and release in November of 2018. Chris Terrio, who was involved with writing Batman v Superman and will also be involved with the Justice League films, is said to be writing with Affleck directing.


So this isn’t new news exactly, but what do you think? Affleck directing a stand-alone film for 2018? Sound off below.

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