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Scott Snyder on the New Batman

Batman #1Scott Snyder is coming off a critically acclaimed run on Detective Comics and has won awards for his other work despite being fairly new to the comic universe. Tomorrow the series self-named of the character is relaunched with Bruce Wayne assuming the cowl in the title once again. Vulture asked Snyder a number of questions, most of which have been asked in the past. There was a question that seems to not have a direct answer to prior, which warrants this article.


Vulture: DC has pretty much relaunched their entire universe. Is this Batman different than what people are used to?


Scott Snyder: I think every time somebody takes up the mantle, and writes Bruce, he's their Bruce, and that's part of the fun. In terms of what has changed, barely anything has. If you're somebody whose followed him, all the stuff you liked historically, it's still there. Our story is really about this notion that Bruce doesn't know Gotham the way he thinks he does. To him Gotham is his oldest ally, his home, and his comfort zone. But the city is hundreds of years old, and Batman has only been Batman for a short while, comparatively, so what if the city belonged to another symbol before Batman? The idea is that a secret enemy has existed in Gotham for hundreds of years, and they're going to bring the whole weight of history to bare against Batman and the Bat family. To me what Gotham does best is that it tries to take your greatest strength and convince you that it’s your greatest weakness as a hero. For Bruce, that's his confidence that he knows this city better than anyone and can be its ultimate protector.


For the entire interview, head over to Vulture. Batman #1 hits stores tomorrow, September 21.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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