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SDCC: News Bits Roundup

There was a ton of news all over Comic Con this year, but some were not big enough announcements to warrant a full article about. Below is some of the small news bits that were revealed.


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

At the panel celebrating the 25th anniversary of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, more details were revealed on the Blu-release that is happening this coming Tuesday. As far as special features go, the only one present will be the trailer for the film. The budget for the release was completely spent to remaster the film for the upgraded high definition release.


DC Animated Movies

At the DC Animated Movie 10th anniversary panel, details on the release were given. The collection will include all of the original special features that released with the original films. There will also be some new original features including a feature on Mark Hamill and another on Darwyn Cooke. It will also include the five short films that were previously released as well.


There were also questions about future projects. In regards to Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Bruce Timm stated that they had plans, but sales for the original release weren’t really there. A question was asked about doing more Batman Beyond and Bruce Timm said there have been discussions about the series.


Some of the ideas for future movies that were asked about included the Marvel family and a sequel for Justice League Dark to which the panel replied that they have ideas for both. One of the last questions of the panel asked about a Birds of Prey film to which the producers had stated that they had yet to introduce Huntress and Black Canary into the current universe that they are telling stories from but they will just need to build them into before thinking of a stand alone film.


Future DCEU Films

If you read our recap of everything from Hall H or followed the live tweets on Twitter as it was happening, you pretty know much know everything that happened. However, there is a rumor out there stating that Robin was announced to be part of the Batgirl film. This was never mentioned in the entire panel nor were details about the future slate of films outside of Justice League and Aquaman other than logos shown for the planned upcoming films. So be careful what you read online.


There is also a tweet that was posted by Jeffrey Dean Morgan about the announcement of a Flashpoint movie. He is familiar with the Flashpoint concept and has answered questions in the past about playing Batman as Thomas Wayne since he played Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman. He is interested, but there have been no concrete plans for his involvement.


Young Justice

There are some rumors online stating that Damian Wayne will be Robin in the next season, and this is not true. The Robin pictured in the promotional image released may have the look of Damian’s Robin, but it is actually Tim Drake who was previously Robin in season two. Spoiler is added to the team, along with new members Arrowette and Thirteen (new character not revealed yet), but those are the only new members being added to the team this time around according to the producers.


Comic News

Finally, the only minor announcement from DC in regards to the Bat-Books is that Joelle Jones will be joining Batman with issue #33. This marks only the second time a female has been handling main art duties on the Batman series. The first was Becky Cloonan back in August 2012 with Batman #12 which introduced Harper Row into continuity.


Also Tom King and David Finch took home the Eisner for Best Short Story for their Ace-the Bat-Hound story “Good Boy” from Batman Annual #1.

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