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SDCC: DC Justice League Panel

DCnU Justice League


Most of the panel was in talks about the overall Justice League and some of the characters that do not receive their own panels, but there was some Batman news sprinkled through.


-Batman's role in Justice League International is unsanctioned by the UN which directs the team.
-Batman acts as a liaison between the JLI and the Justice League.
-Batman is the only member of the JLI that wear a mask and has a secret identity.
-Batman's timeline is largely unaffected by the new timeline and has been operating as Batman for many years before Superman appears as the first superhero.
-Nightwing is not in any of the Justice League teams because he is too much of a team player.
-A group similar to the Legion of Doom will appear next year.


There is still more news to be told in the remaining DC panels in San Diego.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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