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SDCC: DC The New 52 Panel Day 3

The third panel was held for DC's new 52 and had a number of Bat-book creators on hand. Here are the highlights relating to The Batman Universe.


-Scott Lobdell stated that fans will learn to lover the new costume for Red Robin, wings and all.
-Detective Comics is going to be a collection of short stories (we assume he meant one issue stories) and will have serious tone.
-The Dollmaker is a new villain that will be introduced in Detective Comics.
-The opening story in Batwing deals with the African hero brigade being hunted down.
-Grant Morrison stated that Cassandra Cain will appear in the DCnU (which we can assume will be in Batman, Inc.).
-Morrison's story in Batman Incorporated will continue to ripple through the Bat-books once it begins in January.


There again was a number of art pages shown and The Source has posted them including this page from Teen Titans.


Teen Titans #1 Art


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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