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SDCC: DC The New 52 Panel Day 4



The last panel of the convention had to be the one to sum up everything that had occurred in the previous days. The biggest news seems to be the direction of the comics come September. And while the Bat-books may not be getting overhauled like the Superman books, that doesn't mean they won't feel the effect. Gail Simone was in attendance for the last New 52 panel and gave a bunch of info about Barbara Gordon. Here are the highlights from the panel.


-Gail Simone stated that Barbara Gordon is the smartest member of the Bat-family.
-Simone also named some villains set to appear in the series including the previously mentioned Mirror and and group called the Brisby Killers.
-James Gordon and Batman will play roles in Batgirl along with another unnamed family member.
-Dick Grayson will have a large role in Barbara's life.
-Simone addressed some of the earlier comments about Barbara's college career. She stated that she has received an advanced degree several years ahead of average people. (That may explain the age difference and still keep the history intact.)
-Simone also stated that Barbara has to deal with the fact that she was disabled and now isn't.
-Some of the Gotham City Sirens may appear in Batgirl.
-Dan Didio mentioned that he was not allowed to talk about Batman Beyond, but did mention a riddle. "You will be three times happier than you are now."


So that wraps up coverage of panels from the convention. Stay tuned for some wrap-up editorials as well as a few interviews.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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