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SDCC: DC's Batman Panel



The Batman panel of the convention took place and there were not as many reveals as most were expecting. None-the-less there were some interesting bits to come out of the panel. Here are the highlights.


-Barbara Gordon will be woman just out of college in the pages of Batgirl.

-Barbara is struggling with her transition from Oracle to Batgirl.

-Batwing's arch-nemesis will be called Massacre.

-Batwing will appear as a solider in Batman's army in the series.

-Paul Jenkins will be co-writing Batman: The Dark Knight with David Finch.

-The extent of the changes caused by the relaunch will be bringing the characters back to their core and adding more villains to the mix.

-Starfire's history with Dick Grayson is not being erased.

-Detective Nick Gage may appear in the new Batgirl series.

-Plans are being made as to what to do with Stephanie Brown in the DCnU.

-Batman Beyond will most likely return.


Again not much revealed from behind the curtain as of right now. There was however a number of pieces of art shown from the new series and they were posted on The Source. So check out a few pieces below and then head over to The Source for the rest.


Batman #1 Art


Nightwing #1 Art


Catwoman #1 Art


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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