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SDCC: DC's The New 52 Day 1



Everyday throughout the convention, DC is holding a panel focusing on the New 52. Today's would be the first and there was a few Batman references. Here are the highlights.


-Paul Cornell mentioned that there would be a Oracle of the medieval times of sort in the form of a archer that cannot walk and must ride a horse all of the time.

-The new history of the DC Universe will reveal itself over time instead of all at once.

-Damian is still Robin and Dick, Tim and Jason have all been Robin.

-The Bat-books are effected very little as the storyline almost continue straight through into the relaunch.

-Barbara Gordon is going back to being Batgirl because she is the most recognizable version of the character.


Again, very little, but that may turn around with the Batman panel next.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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