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SDCC: Toys 'R Us BAC Exclusive

One of the interesting figures displayed at the Mattel booth was a Batman Legacy figure that was labeled for Batman: Arkham City, but appeared in the classic colors of the bat-suit. Further deduction revealed that this figure will be the exclusive for Toy 'R Us when Batman: Arkham City is purchased from the store. It was not said whether the game would need to be pre-ordered, but it did say that it was only available while supplies last.


Batman Legacy Batman Arkham City Toys 'R Us Exclusive Batman


The other exclusive is that this following figure will be raffled off after the Batman: Arkham City panel tomorrow. The first one thousand attendees will receive a ticket which will enter them for the chance to win a twelve inch Batman Legacy figure modeled off of the Toys 'R Us exclusive figure.


Batman Legacy Twelve Inch Batman Raffle Figure


Could this also mean that we will be seeing a skin available in the game in the style of the classic bat-suit?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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