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Sean Gordon Murphy Announces Original Bat-Book

sean gordon murphy batman


Sean Gordon Murphy has been teasing a bat-project of some kind for quite some time on Twitter. Today he announced that he has an signed an exclusive contract with DC for the next two years. In addition to working on All-Star Batman with Scott Snyder, as previously revealed, he mentioned that he will be working on a Bat-Book that he will both write and do the art for.


On Twitter, he revealed the following:


For the next two years I’m exclusively working with DC on 2 Batman books: Allstar and one that I’m writing/drawing myself. So if you’re planning on reading my Allstar run (the finale), pick up Snyder’s Allstar books NOW. The Batman book I’m doing alone will be my DK and my Year 100—an Elseworld-like take on Batman. My attempt at an opus. But that won’t start until after Allstar is wrapped up. So if you plan on reading these 14+ issues of SGM Batman, best grab Allstar now. Allstar has an amazing talent pool, and I’m honored to be involved. Thanks to both @Ssnyder1835 and @DCComics for the best gig ever!


We don’t know when the project will release or when his work on All-Star will being, but one thing is for sure, Murphy will be working on Batman for quite some time.

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