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Review: Secret Six #7

secret six“There’s Something at the Door, Darling” opens in Tibet. We find Phantom Stranger, Deadman (Boston Brand), and Felix Faust. The three are joining to a meeting where they are to discuss the White Gate and what lies beyond. The three join the mystical characters of the DC Universe that calls themselves the “Occult”. This group’s soul responsibility is to guard the gate against the Titans beyond. There is something that is using their magics leaving them weakened. This something is not just affecting the Occult but all magical power in all dimensions, all eras, and all worlds. As a result they will be helpless against their enemies and the White Gate will fall.


We change scenes to the hospital. Wells is sitting at Black Alice’s bedside. He is awaken by Lori’s doctor. She wants to talk to him outside of the room. The doctor tells Wells that when they first hooked Lori to the monitors, they all malfunctioned and showed her as being dead. After two minutes the readings changed giving her the stats of an Olympian. The doctor fears that Lori could die and asks Wells for help. Wells says that he will do everything he can to help.


The scene shifts to the comical scene at the park. Catman is trying to organize a game of basketball with the rest of the Secret Six team. He attempts to teach Mary (Strix) how to play when she misunderstands Blake and punches him unconscious to get the ball. Ferdie calls the came on account that the only one who knows how to play is now knocked out.


Back at the meeting of the Occult. The meeting shifts to the something being as Faust puts it a little girl going through puberty. The option on the table is death of the girl. Zatanna steps in and offers to take her under her wing. Unfortunately Zatanna cannot be around her for long without her losing her power. Murder still seems to be the only option until Klarion offers his suggestion.


The team minus Alice and Wells are now going to try putt-putt golf. Porcelain who is in his Kevin form asks Blake what all the games are for. Blake actually envies the teams like the Justice League and the Titans. They have someone to watch each other’s backs. Blake wants that with the Secret Six. Blake suddenly smells sulfur. Just then Etrigan the Demon appears. Blake’s sneakers are melted and the other members attack Etrigan.


While Etrigan engages the Secret Six, Black Alice has some visitors. Cheetah, Faust, Black Orchid, and Klarion arrive at the hospital with flowers and balloons to visit Black Alice. Why are they really there?


Etrigan stops the fight with the rest of the Six. He is there to talk. Blake calls Wells on his cell phone. The girl that was the subject of the Occult’s meeting is Black Alice. The Occult members have decided against killing Alice and instead plan to exile her in Limbo for an eternity. Wells is to grab Alice and go but Wells learns quickly that it is too late for that. He is attacked by Cheetah, Black Orchid, and Faust. While Wells is fighting, Black Alice stands from her bed exhibiting the powers and appearances for many of the Occult members. Next issue “Aquaman”.


I liked this issue. I admit I have a soft spot for the mystical characters of the DC universe and it was fun for me to see the splash pages and try to remember who each of the characters were. Even Constatine and Dr. Fate were mentioned if not seen in the meeting.


Looking back to when Black Alice exhibited her powers I now see that for the most part they were these mystical characters. She became like Etrigan in one scene, she used the backwards magic of Zatanna in another scene and even in the last issue we saw her show Black Orchid’s powers. I like that this issue is starting an arc that will look closer into Black Alice and who she is and I cannot wait for the next issue. I prefer not to see Wells as Dibny even though that is how Blake addressed him on the phone call. What does Aquaman have to do with any of this as his powers are not magic based as far as I know but then again, I am not reading the current run of Aquaman.


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  • Gerry Green

    Great review Jim. I was liking Secret Six in the last run but like you I enjoy the occult characters and am excited to see where Ms. Simone takes this story. I have always felt that Black Alice was a character with a lot of potential and I hope to see it explored in the upcoming issues.