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Snyder Explains The Night of Owls Crossover

It was revealed on Monday that Batman will be having a back-up that will be featuring The Court of Owls. It was also revealed that there will also be a crossover taking place in the Bat-books featuring events playing out in Scott Snyder's Batman story. Newsarama interviewed Snyder about the crossover and what it means for fans.


Batman #5Newsarama: In November, Bob Harras revealed the upcoming Batman event that touches all these other Batman titles. How much of Gotham will be affected?

Scott Snyder: It's all about the battle for Gotham, so it's going to touch a lot of the Batman titles. It's going to have an impact on Batgirl, Nightwing, on Damian in Batman and Robin, and on the Birds of Prey. It will even touch Catwoman and Batwing. And in Red Hood and The Outlaws, with Tim being a big feature in that.


Newsarama: I just did an interview with Jimmy [Palmiotti] and Justin [Gray] about All-Star Western, and they said their title is tying in with Batman? Is that also the Court of Owls?


Scott Snyder: Yes! All-Star Western is part of this too. It's one of my favorite books on the stands, and I was so excited that we're going to overlap with them. I don't want to give away how that's going to happen. But you'll learn more about the Court of Owls in All-Star Western, in the history of Gotham in the 1880s. So this is a story that's going to have repercussions throughout the Bat-world. It not only has repercussions for Bruce in Batman, but it has repercussions and revelations coming about members of the Bat-family, the Wayne family and Gotham itself.


Newsarama: So what does "The Night of the Owls" mean, and how does it fit with the story you're setting up now in Batman?


Scott Snyder: The Court of Owls is making a play for the city, and they're not only back, but they're more powerful than before. They have done what owls do in nature sometimes, which is hide in plain sight and kind of go silent, but they're always there watching. Until now, they've just been amused by what's happening in Gotham with Batman. But they don't find it amusing anymore. They want to bring down the claw and crush the entire Bat-family and show Gotham that they're the only legend and the only symbol that the city has ever had and will ever need. As for the title, the "night" refers to the fact that this takes place in only one night. The "Night of The Owls" in Batman is actually only one issue. A few of the other books are doing two issues. But for the most part, it's just one. And it all takes place in one night.


For the entire interview, including more talk about the main Batman series, head over to Newsarama. Batman #5 hits store next Wednesday.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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