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Son of Batman Coming May 2014

Son of Batman is the next animated feature from DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The feature is based on Grant Morrison's Batman & Son story arc adapted by James Robinson, written screenplay by Joe R. Lansdale, and directed by Ethan Spaudling.


World's Finest received exclusive information regarding the feature's synposis, voice actors, feature release date, and box cover art. The synposis is as followed:


Batman is shocked to learn that not only does he have a son, but the boy's mother is Talia, the daughter of the international overlord, Ra's Al Ghul. Nevertheless, the Dark Knight and his willful boy (as the new Robin) becomes uneasy allies when Talia enlists a team of ninja man-bats on a criminal enterprise with international consequences.


Similar to Justice League War, Jason O'Mara will voice Batman/Bruce Wayne. Little Damian Wayne will be voiced by child actor, Stuart Allan who has voiced on Rise of the Guardians. Morena Baccarin (Homeland) will voice Talia, Giancarlo Esposito as Ra's Al Ghul, David McCallum as Alfred Pennyworth, Xander Berkeley as Kirk Langstorm (Man-Bat), and Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke.


The animated feature will debut at WonderCon in April 2014. Son of Batman will be released May 6, 2014 as a DVD/Blu-ray.



Posted by Kristina Collins

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