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Wiedmann to Compose Son of Batman

Batman and SonAccording to World's Finest's interview with Frederik Wiedmann (composer of Beware the Batman and Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox), he will be composing the next Batman animated feature, Son of Batman. The animated feature will release in 2014. You can see what Wiedmann has in store for the upcoming score for the feature, see below:


World's Finest: Moving on to one of your other upcoming projects – the upcoming Son of Batman direct-to-video animated feature. How does comparing a Batman animated film differ from working on the Beware The Batman series? Did some themes cross over, or did the new material lead you to an entirely new approach? Can you give us a tease as to just how you'll be scoring this title and what we can expect?


Frederik Wiedmann: This film is in it's own universe. It's a standalone story, so all the thematic material is unique to this project. There are a handful of Asian elements in this score – so it's got a strong ethnic component along with the darker orchestral palette. The other thing I need to be cautious of is the structure. In Son of Batman I have 80-some minutes to build my musical story arch. In Beware The Batman I have 22-minute episodes, but need to build an even bigger arc across all 26 episodes. It's always a challenge, and definitely fun!


World's Finest: Wrapping up this, do you have any last thoughts on Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and where fans can find some of your upcoming works?


Frederik Wiedmann: Son of Batman is next, and I am hoping Beware the Batman will have a soundtrack release as well, but nothing set in stone at this point.


Weidmann does quite well with his incorporation of ethnic sounds as found in Beware the Batman scoring in the show. He has also composed the cancelled, Green Lantern The Animated Series, which shows off his dynamic orchestral work that is also found in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It's always good to see that Wiedmann try out darker tones in his work, hopefully, he can play a lot with the tones in Son of Batman. As far as the newest animated feature, Justice League: War score, this feature will be composed by Kevin Kliesch (composer of Superman Unbound and Thundercats). Justice League: War will be coming out February 4, 2014. 


Posted by Kristina Collins

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