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Batmobile Seen on Suicide Squad Set

Ever since “Suicide Squad” was first announced, rumors have circulated that DC and Warner Bros. were planning on bringing their new version of Batman from the upcoming “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie into the villain-centered spin-off at some point. Those rumors became even more intense when filming began earlier this spring and Ben “Batfleck” Affleck was reportedly spotted on set.


Well, rumor no more, Internet! Now we have clinching proof that Batman will factor into the plot of “Suicide Squad” — or, at least, his Batmobile will. And we’re going to guess that it’s not Alfred driving it, right?


Last night the same vehicle we first saw in teaser images from Zack Snyder showed up on set in Toronto, and it’s just as badass as we remember it — possibly more so, now that we can actually see it a bit more clearly.  See the videos below taken by people on the streets in Toronto during the shoot.



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