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Review: New Suicide Squad #14

sucideNew Suicide Squad #13 “Freedom” left us wondering if Vic Sage really blew up the members of Task Force X? If I may ask, did you believe for one second this really happened? I bet not.  Vic Sage declares in the first pages that Task Force X and Amanda Waller have gone rouge and they need to be taken out.


The members of Task Force X are having their own little version of Carnival in Rio De Janeiro by participating in a riot they started. Waller reins them and alerts them that there has been a change in plans. Later she finds Deadshot staring at comatose body of Parasite. Not knowing what do they decide, “Hey, let’s just throw him in a truck and we won’t mention him again in the story.”


Waller forms up her misfits in a cathedral and gives them the low down on how Vic Sage is a traitor to their country and mostly likely attempted to blow their neck bombs. She explains to them that the refinery they blew up belonged to the Corvus Corps, which is a part of larger company that goes by Calvary. Waller informs the Squad that she’s been onto Calvary ever since their adventure in Mother Russia. During all his wonderful dialogue we are itching for the big reveal,…”What did Waller do to their neck bombs”. Deadshot, who is in his detective garb, firmly demands to know why they aren’t dead? Waller shares that she disarmed them. This reminds me of Heath Ledger’s Joker telling Bruce “Poor choice of words”.


The next part is fun as each member for Task Force X has the same idea. Kill Waller!  The next several pages are of Waller pretty much handing it to Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn. She even manages to talk a little smack while handling them easily. Waller makes a remark that Quinn is reckless and chaotic, but Deadshot reminds Waller from behind that she’s a better distraction. He pistol-whips Waller in the back of her head, thus incapacitating her.


In between this fight we hear Vic Sage having a conversation with his handlers over at Calvary. They are obviously trying to get Sage to carry out a “Plan”, but he insists telling them he’s not ready. The person on the other line reassures Vic to carry on and the conversation ends. Vic’s handlers at Calvary question whether their plan can be successful, which they are both doubtful.


After subduing Waller, the Squad decides that they are going to kill Waller, but as we know she has a plan up her sleeve. She informs them that she has conveniently reprogrammed their neck bombs to her pulse. If Waller dies, they die. Waller now has the Squad by the balls.


Waller explains they have to stop Sage and whatever his handlers at Calvary have planned. She even goes as far to promise them their freedom if they comply with her new mission. The Squad takes her offer with a grain of salt and state they don’t believe her, but Waller retorts that they really don’t have to believe her promise. They just need to do what they’re told.


The comic ends with Vic Sage visiting noted ISIS sympathizer Black Manta who is imprisoned. He informs Manta that he needs his help, but Manta wants nothing to do with Sage. He offers him money, but Manta rebukes his offer, as he cannot buy anything in prison. Lastly Sage offers him the chance to destroy Waller and he eagerly accepts the job. The story continues next month in “Storming the Castle.”


This installment of the New Suicide Squad finally progresses the story. We now have lines drawn in the proverbial sand. We have Waller vs Sage and their gang of goons. It will be fun seeing the Squad taking on Black Manta after his betrayal in the Middle East. My final thought is that the offer of freedom to the Squad was interesting. This could develop into a major plot point for when Seeley takes over this book.


Over all this issue was fun, but it was very predictable. I look forward to when Tim Seeley takes over the reigns.


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